alcantara is a leading sports industry holding company, dedicated to providing innovative products and services for sports enthusiasts. Our diverse portfolio includes sports events management, facilities management, a sports booking application, and sports retail. Offering strategic direction and financial support to our subsidiaries, we ensure independent operation while maintaining a dominant presence in the sports market.

Alcantara is an innovative company. We invest in technology and new trends in the sports industry, and foster a culture of excellence to achieve growth and competitiveness. By providing high quality products and services, we maintain our position as a leader in our field.

At Alcantara, we seek to develop the sports industry with our expertise and experience, and we aim to become a leader in this field. We strive to provide unique experiences for sports fans, and are committed to providing the best products and services. Our vision is to set the standard of excellence in the industry, and we are committed to innovation and growth.

Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the sports industry by expanding our portfolio, building strategic partnerships, and investing in research and development. We strive to provide high-quality products and services that exceed expectations, and we aim to enrich our customers’ experiences in the world of sports.

Ahmed Al-Hazami

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Note

Welcome to our website! As CEO, I am proud to lead our team committed to excellence in sports.

We strive to provide quality products and services and maintain ethical standards. Sport has an amazing ability to change lives, and we work to embody this positive impact. Innovation is our key. We invest in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and provide cutting-edge solutions.
We also care about our environmental and social impact, and work to enhance sustainability and cooperation to achieve positive results.
We appreciate your feedback. Your trust means a lot to us, and we welcome your ideas to improve our services. Thank you for visiting our website, we are excited to serve you with excellence in the world of sports.

Get to know the team

Abdullah Jehad

Social Media Specialist


Race Timer Officer


Senior Business Development


Admin & Personal Assistant


Sales Advisor


Construction & Maintenance Engineer

Dani Albert

Assistant Project Manager

Sara Saleh

People Management Manager


Technical Support - IT

Ahmed Warwar

Customer Service Representative

Anitha Subhash

Logistic & Purchasing Officer

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